We are immensely grateful to the many organisations and volunteers who support the festival, whether through financial sponsorship or advertising, or with practical help. This allows us to continue to offer a vibrant festival with a wide range of classes for all ages and stages of attainment, adjudicated by experts in their field. Thank you!

How can you support us?

If you are able to support our festival or would simply like some further information, please contact the following, or browse the relevant pages in our Full Syllabus booklet for more details:

As a Sponsor or Advertiser: Email Lynfa Landauer at

See Become a Friend on the Home page.

As a Volunteer: Email

Friends & Associates of the Festival 2023-2024

Angela Barker
Julian & Alison Bond
Mrs Sue Bracher
Mr K C Bridger
Mrs Eileen Brown
Tess & David Brown
Hugh & Kathy Bucknill
Roger & Maureen Christmas
James & Helen Clark
John Clarke
Roberta Clarke
Mrs Marina Clover
Chris & John Dougill
Helier & Ann Dreux
Sally Durrant

Keith & Susannah Dyde
Doris Ferrett
Andrew Gillies
Mr & Mrs Robin Gritton
Ivy & Gary Hawkins
Mrs Julia M Heneker
David & Veronica Hilder
Janet Hazell
Joan Hoad
Lynfa & Nick Landauer
Sheenah Lintott
Maureen Lovell
Denise & Ian Martin
Peter & Anne Mitchell

Susan Mitchell
John Moorin
Mrs Susan Moser
Brenda Nash
Jane Patrick
Susan Rowlinson
Margaret Samuel
W Songhurst Ltd
Ian Stone
Malcolm Toye
Chris Wait & Vanessa Chambers
Alan & Marsali Walker
Carol & Peter White
Roger & Kathy Wilman

Our Sponsors & Advertisers

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