The Festival Concert

One of my most difficult but most pleasurable jobs is to select performers to take part in our Gala Concert each year, shortly after the Festival finishes. Every year, I hear and see some astonishing performances and I always wonder how on earth I am going to choose between them. I rely very much on our wonderful adjudicators to put people forward (particularly in the sections that involve my own students!), but I also have to choose performances that make for a balanced programme, with a variety of ages, styles and instruments.

In 2023, we had over nine hundred entries to our Festival, and just 2.6% performed in the concert. If you are chosen, you should feel very proud; if not, it is likely no reflection on your wonderful performance, but perhaps your piece was very similar to someone else’s, we had lots of other people your age or we could only choose one person from your particular discipline.

Traditionally our concert has been held at the Harlequin in Redhill, but this year we shall be holding two shorter concerts at St Matthew’s Church in Redhill, both on Wednesday 22 May.

Jane Patrick

Chairman, RRMDF